Con­tem­por­ary Erot­ic Art

erot­icARTist is our part­ner-plat­form with erot­ic art­works from pho­to­graphy, paint­ing, draw­ing, sculp­ture and jew­el­ery.

Ori­gin­al works of art as well as high-qual­ity lim­ited edi­tions char­ac­ter­ize the spec­trum of the works of art.

finared-FineArtEdition - Galerie für Photographie

finared - FineArtEdi­tion
Gallery for Pho­to­graphy

The gal­lery for pho­to­graphy of­fers pho­to­graphs of in­ter­na­tion­al artists as lim­ited edi­tions on high qual­ity pa­pers as well as print on alud­bond be­hind ac­ryl­ic glass.

As of many art­works are the same like the art­works at KUNST.IST! and erot­icARTist we merged the plat­forms at 01.01.2019.

BeuteltierART - Kunst einfach schön

Beutel­ti­er­ART - Art simply beau­ty­ful

The idea of Beutel­ti­er­ART fits won­der­fully to the ap­proaches of! - so it is a lo­gic­al con­sequence that we act as part­ners.

Susanne Höhne of­fers in her gal­lery in Kön­ner­itz­str. 24 in Leipzig af­ford­able art, which gives a little break from every­day life. In her gal­lery, you can enjoy art un­res­trained, wheth­er you just want to look at it, to sense it and to rum­mage about it, or wheth­er you as a ex­pert of art would like to dis­cov­er ex­cit­ing new works of art. The vari­ety ranges from con­tem­por­ary oil and ac­ryl­ic paint­ings over art prints or pho­to­graphs to up-to-the-minute uni­corns and lov­ingly se­lec­ted ob­jects from all over the world.

Just hop on to her - wheth­er on­line or in the gal­lery.

Beutel­ti­er­ART - Kön­ner­itz­str. 24 - 04229 Leipzig

Bild und Rahmen Benesch

Bild & Rah­men Ben­esch

In Mario Ben­esch's shop, it is im­me­di­ately ap­par­ent that crafts­man­ship is being worked on here. His shop is small - his cre­ativ­ity is huge.

Mario Ben­esch will find out with you which frame­work and which present­a­tion suits best to your art­work. He al­ways has a cre­at­ive idea that would not have oc­curred to your­self. And that at reas­on­able prices.


HALBE frames are our pre­ferred frame when it comes to styl­ishly present­ing prin­ted works of our artists in the best qual­ity and fin­ish.

Thanks to the mag­net­ic frame prin­ciple you frame - un­like other pic­ture frames - your pic­tures and pho­tos eas­ily from the front, without turn­ing, without brack­ets or tools. Each frame is cus­tom-made to the mil­li­meter's exact size.

You can order HALBE-Frames  dir­ectly via ART.IST! or have your dream frames con­figured with HALBE frames.

Contact us. We're here to help.

Konsum Leipzig

KONSUM LEIPZIG - KUSS (KUnden-Ser­vice-Scheck)

As owner of an KUnden-Ser­vice-Scheck (cus­tom­er ser­vice cheque) of the KONSUM LEIPZIG, you will re­ceive a 10% dis­count on ori­gin­al art­works at!.
Each ser­vice cheque is valid for one art­work.

NEUE ArT Kunstaktivmesse Dresden

NEW ArT - Dres­den Art-Fair

A mul­ti­­fa­ceted spec­trum of con­­tem­­por­ary art from var­i­ous genres will char­actar­­ize the NEUE ArT in Dres­den. Ex­per­­i­en­­cing art from a di­f­fer­­ent per­­spect­ive, which opens up a per­­son­al per­­spect­ive to the view­er, is the in­­spir­a­­tion and con­­­cern of this still new trade fair.

Ir­re­spect­ive of their artist­ic ca­­reer, artists can take the op­­por­­tun­­ity to show their in­­ter­­­pret­a­­tion of art to an open-minded and art-in­­ter­­es­ted audi­ence. The de­clared goal is to re­flect, without pre­ju­dice, thoughts and feel­ings that they ex­­­press with their art.

Un­­censored and bey­ond the main­stream, vis­it­ors should be given the op­­por­­tun­­ity to act­ively en­­­gage with art from di­f­fer­­ent genres and to get into con­­ver­­sa­­tion with artists. Art should pro­­voke, break up, be con­­tro­ver­­si­al, har­­mon­­ize, re­­con­­­cile. Above all, art should arouse emo­­tions.


The Ralf Rang­nick Found­a­tion sup­ports stu­dents at the ele­ment­ary schools of the city of Leipzig and Cen­t­ral Ger­many. With­in the frame­work of the spon­sor­ship pro­ject "Com­pan­ies do school" primary schools re­ceive a fixed sum per school year for the real­iz­a­tion of pro­jects or book­ing of sup­port of­fers.

Our artist com­munity KUNST.IST! of­fers two primary school pro­grams as part of this pro­gram:

  • Artist and stu­dio visit to a Leipzig artist with pic­ture re­view
  • Dis­cuss art­work and cre­ate it your­self

We are pleased to be able to offer with our of­fers an act­ive offer in the sup­port of the arts edu­ca­tion at Leipzig schools.